Is SA for Me?

Below are some questions to help you discern if you have issues which SA can help you overcome. If you answer several questions affirmatively you may want to attend at least 6 SA meetings and connect with people who struggle with the same issues as you and are on the road to recovery.

1-   Have you ever lied about your sexual activities?

2-   Have you ever felt your sexual behaviors or activities interfered with your life or your relationships with others?

3-   Have you ever engaged in some form of sexual activity, and yet found yourself going back to it? It seems you stop numerous times but you cannot stay stopped.

4-   Do you use masturbation, pornography, sexual images, or other sexual activities to deal with unwanted negative feelings or anxiety?

5-   Have you ever felt guilt or shame about your sexual behaviors or fantasies?

6-   Have you engaged in some form of sexual activity, vowed never to do it again, only you soon return to it?

7-   Do you compulsively masturbate while in a marriage or relationship? 

8-   Do you use your work computer to browse for porn, sexual websites, or sexual chat rooms?

9-   Have you ever been obsessed about having sex with someone you’ve seen or met?

10- Do you use social media, chat rooms, or other internet websites to meet people for sexual purposes or to satisfy emotional needs?

11- Do you find yourself saying I will watch 15 minutes of porn only to find yourself watching it for many hours?

12- When you are with a sexual partner do you find yourself using memories or images you viewed in porn to stay interested?

13- Have your sexual activities caused you to miss family commitments, work duties, or interfered in living your life?

14- Has any sexual activity caused you to spend money that is needed to properly support yourself and/or your family?

15- Do you compulsively clean your computer/phone browser’s history to conceal sex-related websites or searches?

16- Are you fearful about other people handling your electronic devices because of what they might find on them?

17- Do you become agitated when you are unable to watch porn?

18- Have you felt that you need to watch more and more or more extreme porn in order to satisfy your needs?

19- Have you ever saved sexual images or videos that you’ve found online?

20-  Have you found yourself hiring sex workers or visiting locations where they operate?


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