Welcome to Sexaholics Anonymous

Baltimore Area Sexaholics AnonymousIf you have reached this page in search of a solution to a sexual addiction or an unhealthy obsession with lust, you have come to the right place.

Even if you aren't sure you have an actual "addiction," you or someone you love may be experiencing issues surrounding sex, pornography or similar problems that have obstructed relationships, caused significant anxiety, or other serious concerns.

We are here to help you - not to judge you. Indeed, we suffer from the same problems and, like our predecessors in Alcoholic's Anonymous, we have found that fellowship with other men and women experiencing these issues is the first step to a 12-step solution.

We're not a cult. No matter what you may have heard about 12-step programs, we are not a religious group. No one is here to "convert" you.  We are not here because we have sinned.  We are here because, without help from others, our obsession with lust harms our relationships, our inner peace, and, ultimately, our health. We've tried to stop many times. But sooner or later, lust returns and we just can't recover on our own.

Our individual stories often differ in the details. Some of us are hooked on Internet porn. Others have engaged in serial affairs, prostitution, a variety of fetishes, or have crossed legal or ethical boundaries in pursuit of sexual gratification. But all of us share an obsession with lust and have found that this obsession has interfered with our lives.

Lust does not discriminate among the people it affects, and neither do we. Our group is quite diverse, including all races, religions, sexual orientations, occupations and professions. But we all share a common problem and, thanks to Sexaholics Anonymous, a common solution.

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